Monday, November 3, 2008

"I'm Afraid of Americans"

Tomorrow one of the most threatening global powers will hand over the reigns of power to a new leader. One of the most dangerous nations will choose a new Emperor, and I watch on in dread, fearing what this could mean for the security of the world if the wrong leader is elected. Tomorrow the United States will elect their President.

You, American people, this is your chance to renounce the position of global terrorist. This is your opportunity to change the negative impression the world has of you, a chance for you to stand up and show the rest of us that you are not a nation of war-mongerers and ravenous capitalist monsters. It is your responsibility to stand up for yourself and your nation, to elect the diplomat instead of the iron fist, and to cry out "J'accuse!" to the previous administration.

I do not believe the American people are an evil people... merely a misguided people. I believe that they will see through the sophistry of McCain, and that when given an opportunity to elect a man who will benefit the world and not just themselves, they will rise to the occassion. If I am wrong, if McCain and his Republic of Blood-thirst win the hearts of its citizens, I will hate the American people as much as I hate its government. In my eyes, they will be responsible for the world war that McCain is prepared to incite.

I have an American flag, and I am prepared to burn it if I must. And I know I am not alone in this. (Does this make me a "Terrorist", too?)

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Harley Quinn said...

You know what..... I'm not even old enough to vote.... life suck eggs....