Saturday, November 21, 2009

Strange Dream

I had the most bizzarre dream I have ever had the other night. It began with a long staff, and from the end of the staff came bolts of electricity. The staff was stirring the cosmos, and the bolts of electricity circled and created a very strange spiral. I looked up and saw a man in a mask holding the stick. His head looked very much like a ram's head. Three columns appeared, all of varrying height, but posed so that they ran like steps, from shortest to longest. On all of these columns were strange etchings, strange symbols that I was not familiar with. The masked man was standing on the shortest pillar, and began walking across the three, using them as steps; as he did so I thought, or heard (I'm not sure whether it was my own thought, or a thought expressed by an external source) 'The two-horned god rises on the backs of the Three Ages.'

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muzuzuzus said...

WOW! That is what Jung called a Big Dream! It would be interesting if you had someone with a good feel for dream symbolism to help you interpret it--although being aware that however it is interpreted it is YOUR unique experience and will have many many associations
There is a woman who would be BRILLIANT to ask. SOMEWHERE in one of my early blogs I talk about her. In the article she pretended she was Jung's daughter (she later told me she was pretending to be but I never put it right in my blog). But her interpretation of his descent into the 'underworld' is SO deep and good. far better then Jung's own interpretation---it makes more sense.

(I have just been trying to find the article for you, and you could get in touch with her. But alas as of yyet I cant. If I remember and find some time I will send it to you--Unless you would like to go though my posts? ;)