Friday, October 24, 2008

First Blog

I am posting my first blog here.  I feel as though my first entry should be profound... that it ought to encompass the essence of Self, my Style (of writing, I mean) and my Situation (and by that I refer, of course, to my world view).  Afterall, the first impression I will make upon the still waters of the reading public will be forever immortalized here. One wrong step from me could result not only in the disapprobation of an unknowable audience, but in the knock of the Establishment at my door... or window. I could be dragged away, deported, and tortured!  It's not as though such a thing has never happened before... but already I say too much.

Really, this is too much pressure for any sane individual to manage!

Yes, well, I shall pretend that my first attempt was successful, and begin my true first entry as a second entry in order to alleviate said pressure.  And then I will eliminate this post, thus perpetrating a type of fraud on you, my readers.  Erm, but as that audience consists of me, I suppose only I will be the wiser for it.  Heh.

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Oberon said...

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