Saturday, October 25, 2008

Inferiority is a choice.

"No one person is greater than another."

I have been accused many times of being an elitist, of making others feel like their existence does not even matter when in my presence.  I have been called a spirit crusher, and one who devours the earth.  Honestly, I think this kind of perception of me is more a reflection of the insecurities of others than an egotisitcal view I have of myself.  I have never once devalued another human being for being unable to "measure up".  I devalue those who devalue themselves.  I condemn those who are capable of wisdom, understanding, and enlightenment, but who choose to throw that away for the pursuit of idiocy.  I say inferiority is a choice, and if that is a choice you have made for yourself, deal with it.

I read a lot.  I think a lot.  I know a little.  If you ask me for my opinion, I will give it to you honestly and bluntly; I will tell you what I think rather than what you want to hear.  I will not patronize, and I will not reduce myself in any way by bending to a common or accepted ideology. You want to condemn me as an elitist for doing so?  Go ahead.  

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